Construction of high-tech machinery and modules

Mechanical engineering

Your machinery and equipment play an important role in your company's production process and profitability. Advanced and innovative machines give you an edge over your competition and generate higher margins. However, investment in a new machine or plant needs a properly informed process. There needs to be a good balance between requirements and ROI along with the suitability of the installation.

If you have a machine or module built by Tuinte, you are assured of rock-solid Dutch quality. Machines are made entirely in-house by experienced professionals with a passion for engineering. Making the most reliable machines is what we have been doing for over half a century. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise. Always.

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Top-class turnkey mechanical engineering

No industrial production process without machinery. The effectiveness of the process largely depends on the machinery you have available. Our machine builders understand this like no other. Together, we are happy to help you design and build your ideal machine. A machine that meets all your requirements and helps you improve and optimize your production process.

Our machine construction team, counting some 15 professionals, is multidisciplinary. They work closely with the engineering team and are highly experienced. Our engineers design the machines and produce detailed 3D drawings. Our machine builders make it happen. And that is one of the things that sets us apart: turnkey mechanical engineering.

  • Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Service, certification and maintenance

Our machines are fully developed and built in-house and we are happy to maintain them for you.

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High-tech machinery and everything for your machines – that's what we make

At Tuinte, we make complete high-tech machines. But also modules you can add to your existing process. You can choose how far your automation goes. We can help you calculate your payback period and ROI, and advise on technical feasibility. That way we can ensure that we always add value for you.

Are you happy with your existing machinery, but need new components because you want to change your production process, for example? Or do you have good existing machines that you want upgraded? We also offer custom-made machine parts and retrofitting.

Safety, laws and regulations

We are your one-stop partner for mechanical engineering. We are sensitive to our responsibilities for the machines we have painstakingly built and maintained for you. Our machines meet all set requirements for machine safety and CE marking.

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Mechanical engineering for various industries

Tuinte supplies machines and machine parts for various industries.

Alongside regular machine construction, we have recently opened our new facility, which includes more space for cleanroom activities. Do your end-users place particularly high demands on your machines? No problem, we can meet those requirements.

10 reasons to choose Tuinte to build your machine

  1. We make custom-made machines, modular machines or components for your machines.
  2. Our machine builders are familiar with all technical fields.
  3. No machine is too complex for us.
  4. Machines are made in-house. That contributes not only to reliability, but also to favorable delivery times
  5. We also handle maintenance for the machines we build.
  6. Our engineers and in-house machine builders work together intensively.
  7. We have supplied many custom-made machines.
  8. Tuinte is a reliable family company, in business since 1964.
  9. A hundred employees work with passion for their specialties on unique projects.
  10. As a high-tech manufacturing partner, we add value to your production process. With parts, modules, complete mechanical engineering or a combination of these.
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