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1. What are cookies?

Tuinte uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard disk during a visit to our website. These small files store information about (for example) your preferences, which can be retrieved when you visit the website later.

2. Which cookies do we use?

Below is a list of the cookies we use on this website.

2.1 Functional cookies

Tuinte uses functional cookies. These cookies are required for to function properly. In other words, they are necessary in order to provide the service you have requested.

Craft CMS

Our website runs on Craft CMS software. Craft uses cookies and these are required to enable you to use the website. These cookies are essential for the website to function. They store user and session data.

Type: Functional (essential)
Retention period: up to 1 year
Sharing: No personal data is stored or shared.
More information:

2.2 Tracking and analytics cookies

Tuinte uses analytics cookies. We use these cookies to analyse users' use of our website. For example, we can see which pages are visited a lot and which ones are rarely visited. We use this information to optimise our website.


We use Google Analytics, for example to assess how you found our website and how you use our website. This information allows us to optimise the operation of our website. If you do not consent to this, we will not be allowed to set this cookie.

Type: Analytics
Retention period: these cookies are deleted once the page is closed.
Sharing: Tuinte has turned off data sharing. Google therefore does not share your data with third parties. Tuinte has entered into a processing agreement with Google. In addition, we have opted to mask the byte octet of the IP address. No other Google services are used in conjunction with the Google Analytics cookies.
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3. New cookies

If Tuinte adds new cookies or if we change our cookie policy, we will always ask you for permission to use that cookie (unless it is a cookie that falls within the exceptions for essential cookies of the cookie law).

4. Want to know more about cookies?

More information on cookies can be accessed via the links below. However, Tuinte is in no way liable for the completeness or accuracy of the information on the websites of these and other third parties or for damage resulting from its incompleteness or inaccuracy.

About cookie law

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