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Laboratory testing machines brought back to life

The famous Polaroid brand returned to Enschede in September 2017 under the name Polaroid Originals. How cool is it for a company like us to be able to contribute to this comeback! Commissioned by Polaroid's Photo System Lab, Tuinte revived dated Mechanized Lab Rollers (MLRs), laboratory testing machines. The Mechanized Lab Rollers from the 1970s, used for testing products in a light-proof laboratory, no longer complied with the current Machinery Directive and CE marking.

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Producing complex parts,  Mechanical engineering

Laboratorium testmachines retrofit tuinte hengevelde


Through further development, optimisation and production of these 5 testing machines, Polaroid can now test much more efficiently and safely. As a result, Polaroid can now achieve higher production numbers and require 20% fewer product parts.

"Tuinte's pragmatic approach combined with professional execution appeals to me a lot. Not doing anything difficult, just dealing with it!"

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Lars Kikkert , Polaroid

Team leader, Polaroid Photo System Lab
5 laboratorium testmachines geoptimaliseerd
5 laboratorium testmachines geoptimaliseerd
detail laboratorium testmachine
detail laboratorium testmachine
mechanized lab rollers Polaroid
mechanized lab rollers Polaroid
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